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Jason Black

Jason Black

Born in Ireland and growing up in Co. Donegal as a young boy, Jason Black's love for the great outdoors was heavily influenced through cubs and scouts. Mother nature providing the mountains waterways & unspoiled coast line, Ireland was to be his perfect adventure play ground. Jason's light hearted fun filled nature makes expedition life an adventure to enjoy. But his unfaltering determination as a very keen athlete from a very early age has always played centre stage in his daily life allowing no obstacle stand between him and success in life.

Not the best at school, sport has always been his salvation, giving him self belief discipline and a competitive attitude to be the best he could ever be which included twenty years in Judo association of Ireland competing for Ireland on international duties. Alongside this a further twenty years a member of cycling Ireland racing competitively in regional and Irish national road races including three FBD International Milk Ras. Years followed in sport and Mountaineering once again came to the fore in his passion for adventure. Honing his skills around the world climbing with exceptional athletes prepared him to tackle the might of the +8000mtr giants and the greatest mountains in the world.

Today Jason Black's passion to either climb high or go long in global endurance sports, testing his physical and mental capabilities is as strong today as ever placing him as one of Irelands leading mountaineers & endurance adventurers. A daily ritual of 3/4 hours training six days a week places him as an elite global endurance athlete and a formidable Irish power house.

Jason's belief "success in life", is shared with the youth of the Irish communities as he travels the globe encouraging young women & men "Not to be afraid of setting new goals, finding away to overcome the obstacles, visualising the prize and delivering your dreams and ambitions". He echoes, having a dream in life and finding a way to achieving it (at times against all the odds) is the greatest summit success you will ever achieve. Don't let dream stealers pull you down or stand in the way of living your life your way and to its complete fullness….Believe in yourself & find a way.

Jason Black, like others has had his fair share of lows & losses in his life. But his resilience to continue and stand up each time he's been knocked down truly shows his real strength. His self belief and commitment as a person has seen him making Irish history, being the first and only Donegal person to stand on the summit of Mt Everest the highest place on the planet at 29,029ft on 19th may 2013, climbing the challenging North-face route via Tibet. On 22nd of July at 6am Jason Black went one better and topped his Endurance career by been the first republic of Ireland person to successfully summit and survive K2 the second highest mountain and revered as the toughest mountain in the world.…..K2 was everything and more, beyond belief.